Entrevista a Z I N V M M para Bloodshed Magazine #4


1- Bienvenido a las páginas del nº4 de BLOODSHED esperemos que las preguntas que te encuentres a partir de ahora puedan ser de tu agrado y que acabe siendo una entrevista sincera y con cosas que decir y no pasajera y trivial. Continue reading


A Greek point of view on Z I N V M M´s work.


Here is a translation of Panos Kourgiounis exhaustive reviews of ZINVMM´s discography. The text was originally in Greek. The translation was made by Panos´girlfriend. From here, sending them a huge THANK YOU for this amazing & passionate work.

The original text can be found here.

In the last few years, technology gives the opportunity to new bands to release their albums in digital form, saving them from the effort of finding labels, distributers etc. It also allows them to share their work when it is still fresh and we can enjoy it without much delay, keeping good track of the underground movements. This is how bandcamp and soundcloud built nowadays, stone by stone, a whole new world of Black Metal. Therefore, all musicians need to do is a small discount at their dark aesthetics and a facebook account, the use of which will create some new underground restlessness waiting to be discovered.

Far away from our familiar Black Metal scenery, at the edge of Europe, in the center of Andalusia and more specifically in the city of Granada, there lives a Spanish who wishes to be called “Zinumm”, who, through his personal project, hears carefully what life has to tell him. Let us travel away to the mountains of Galicia and meet old music in new forms to accompany us while we are getting lost in forests we have not known until today. Continue reading