Entrevista a Z I N V M M para DAMNED BY LIGHT Webzine

You are from Granada, Andalusia – What is the current black metal scene like in Spain? Any particular favorite bands that you champion?
   Zinvmm >
 Well, I live in Granada, but I was born and lived some years in Galicia, the north of Spain. I’m not into the “black metal scene”, but I can talk about some really really impressive bands in Spain, like Sangre de Muerdago. They play dark acoustic folk with northern roots that get me goosebumps when I listen to them, in fact in ZINVMM’s bandcamp you can find a cover of one of their songs. One other band I really admire is Adrift, the best metal band in this country. They are from Madrid, and everyone who loves metal music should listen to their music and pay the attention they deserve. If you don’t know them, look for their stuff. I think you really enjoy both bands.

Why did the band choose to work with ambient black metal sound?
Zinvmm >
 Black metal music has always been important for me, since I was… don’t know, maybe 13 or 14 years old. I made some tries through the years to make something like this, but, curious, now that I passed my thirties I’m feeling comfortable composing and playing this music.

Who are some of your influences in black metal?
Zinvmm >
 If we talk about my black metal influences, I will talk about the classic stuff, first and second waves of BM, like Bathory, Burzum, Ulver and Darkthrone… nothing new, I suppose. Outside black metal music I have some other musical influences that can look distant, like Arvo Pärt, Dead Can Dance, Coil or In Gowan Ring.

Will the band be touring or playing any live appearances?
Zinvmm >
 Hope so. I’m actually working on an audiovisual concept of the “live concert”, but some complicated technical needs are absolutely essential, so I think it will take its time, but sure, it should be really interesting.

Are you a fan of Mayhem and Burzum, and what is your opinion of some of the violence associated with black metal?
   Zinvmm >
 Yes of course I really like both bands’ music, but I refuse to associate the words “violence” and “black metal”, they don’t have to come together at all. What happened in Norway for example, was something more related with personal situations of all those individuals than something caused by black metal. Black metal is one of the most purest ways of musical expressions, so, maybe we have to take care with all those who want to make us believe that the words “violence” and “black metal” come together. I suppose they have the intention of selling us something really extreme, the most extreme thing you can get, and yep, one of the most distinguible goods of black metal music is freedom and it being anti music-business. It’s really ironic.

what lies in your future? How is the current album faring in the press?
Zinvmm >
 I’m actually working on a new black metal album and a new “Ambient works” EP. About the press, I’ve only found two negative reviews, so i think ZINVMM’s music has been welcome out there on all its sides: black metal, ambient, experimental & folk.

what are you doing when not composing?
Zinvmm >
 Have a work, have a kid. Nothing really different than anyone.

Do you see your music as cinematic at all, does the music create images for you? Any favorite films that you like?
Zinvmm >
 Absolutely, that’s why I talked about an audiovisual live act before. I’m a huge fan of cinema and audiovisual arts. My favourite filmmaker of all times is Andrei Tarkovski, I wouldn’t be who I am without his art, I can say that.


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