About Z I N V M M, “AMBIENT WORKS, vol. 3”, and what´s this all about.


Hello there, the 3rd volume of Z I N V M M´s “Ambient works” series is now available for free download at the bandcamp site. And well, what´s this “Ambient works” thing about?. That´s simple: sonic pieces based on layers of  sounds, drones, loops, some acoustic instruments & electronics, with a different approach on what we all know as “music”. As you know, on  Z I N V M M´s discography  you can listen to such different styles & sounds as black metal sounds, sometimes folk songs, sometimes droning or electronic sonic pieces, repetitive compositions; btw, you can expect really different things coming from here.

I know that it can create some confussion on anyone who spends time listening to all this stuff. As (almost) everything in this world, it has an explanation: first of all, ZINVMM is a not exactly a one man project. ZINVMM is an international and open collective of musicians & artists who cooperate around the idea of making intense, honest and absolutely FREE music with no commercial purposes or commercial intentions.

Hope these words can help you understand what´s this all about (more or less).

But now, let´s talk about “AMBIENT WORKS, vol. 3″: meanwhile, waiting for ” B E L T A I N E ” to be released, there was a sonic piece to be released before. As it´s said on the bandcamp site, “Ambient works” is:

“…an aperiodic series of ambient-drone recordings”.

The drum thing

The drum thing

In this case, this 3rd volume is an 11 minute sonic piece is influenced by the works of Pink Floyd Ummagumma era, Oren Ambarchi, Jacob Kirkegaard, Bohren & der club of gore, Charlie Haden, Tangerine Dream and Eliane Radigue.

The vibes, ain´t nothing like the vibes

The vibes, ain´t nothing like the vibes 

Elements used in this recording: TRI-Oscillator, hammond organ, drums, synthesizer, vibraphone & a sampler of processed sounds of bowed drum cymbals.

You can free download it at:


All the best.



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