Sobre Z I N V M M, “AMBIENT WORKS, vol. 3” y sobre de qué va todo esto


Hola, el tercer volumen de la serie “Ambient works” está disponible en descarga gratuita en bandcamp. Y bueno, qué es todo esto de “Ambient works”?. Bien simple: piezas sónicas basadas en capas y capas de sonidos, drones, loops, algunos elementos acústicos y otros puramente electrónicos, una aproximación diferente a lo que conocemos como “música”. Como habrás podido comprobar, en la discografía de Z I  N V M M puedes encontrar estilos y sonidos tan diferentes entre sí como el black metal, el folk, música experimental, drone o electrónica, composiciones basadas en la repetición, etc. Digamos que aqui se puede esperar (prácticamente) cualquier cosa. Continue reading


About Z I N V M M, “AMBIENT WORKS, vol. 3”, and what´s this all about.


Hello there, the 3rd volume of Z I N V M M´s “Ambient works” series is now available for free download at the bandcamp site. And well, what´s this “Ambient works” thing about?. That´s simple: sonic pieces based on layers of  sounds, drones, loops, some acoustic instruments & electronics, with a different approach on what we all know as “music”. As you know, on  Z I N V M M´s discography  you can listen to such different styles & sounds as black metal sounds, sometimes folk songs, sometimes droning or electronic sonic pieces, repetitive compositions; btw, you can expect really different things coming from here. Continue reading

Z I N V M M interview on Occult Black Metal Zine (english link)

1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the project these days?
Currently there are two different projects going on. The first one is an EP more related with neofolk/drone/ambient music, not exactly the 3rd “Ambient works”, cos it´s gonna be more extended and complex, musically and conceptually. It can be described as a hybrid between “B E I T H” and “Ambient works”. The second one is the new LP, that´s gonna be totally more black metal, sonically speaking.
2. How would you describe the musical sound of the newer material and how it differs from previous efforts? Continue reading

Entrevista a Z I N V M M para DAMNED BY LIGHT Webzine

You are from Granada, Andalusia – What is the current black metal scene like in Spain? Any particular favorite bands that you champion?
   Zinvmm >
 Well, I live in Granada, but I was born and lived some years in Galicia, the north of Spain. I’m not into the “black metal scene”, but I can talk about some really really impressive bands in Spain, like Sangre de Muerdago. They play dark acoustic folk with northern roots that get me goosebumps when I listen to them, in fact in ZINVMM’s bandcamp you can find a cover of one of their songs. One other band I really admire is Adrift, the best metal band in this country. They are from Madrid, and everyone who loves metal music should listen to their music and pay the attention they deserve. If you don’t know them, look for their stuff. I think you really enjoy both bands.

Why did the band choose to work with ambient black metal sound?
Zinvmm >
 Black metal music has always been important for me, since I was… don’t know, maybe 13 or 14 years old. I made some tries through the years to make something like this, but, curious, now that I passed my thirties I’m feeling comfortable composing and playing this music. Continue reading

A Greek point of view on Z I N V M M´s work.


Here is a translation of Panos Kourgiounis exhaustive reviews of ZINVMM´s discography. The text was originally in Greek. The translation was made by Panos´girlfriend. From here, sending them a huge THANK YOU for this amazing & passionate work.

The original text can be found here.

In the last few years, technology gives the opportunity to new bands to release their albums in digital form, saving them from the effort of finding labels, distributers etc. It also allows them to share their work when it is still fresh and we can enjoy it without much delay, keeping good track of the underground movements. This is how bandcamp and soundcloud built nowadays, stone by stone, a whole new world of Black Metal. Therefore, all musicians need to do is a small discount at their dark aesthetics and a facebook account, the use of which will create some new underground restlessness waiting to be discovered.

Far away from our familiar Black Metal scenery, at the edge of Europe, in the center of Andalusia and more specifically in the city of Granada, there lives a Spanish who wishes to be called “Zinumm”, who, through his personal project, hears carefully what life has to tell him. Let us travel away to the mountains of Galicia and meet old music in new forms to accompany us while we are getting lost in forests we have not known until today. Continue reading